Spring 2015
News, Events and the Impact of Giving

A periodic update on the Campaign for UC Santa Cruz for the campus community.

Hay Barn reclaims its profile at the base of campus
Barn RaisingIn a festive celebration, spectators gathered in the nearby meadows to witness an old-school barn-raising at the base of campus March 21. Professional timber framers and volunteers assembled and lifted 11 bents – mortise and tenon-joined beams – to erect the framework for the reconstruction of the historic 19th century Hay Barn. The project supports the Coastal Sustainability initiative of the Campaign for UC Santa Cruz and was brought to life by a generous gift from the Helen and Will Webster Foundation. Topping off the barn raising: a pie and ice cream social. The rebuilt Hay Barn, to be dedicated in the fall, will become a centerpiece of a revived campus entrance and headquarters for the UC Santa Cruz Farm and Garden. Learn more

Student support gives Quarry project major boost
Restoration and reopening the iconic Quarry Amphitheater received a major boost with the endorsement by the Student Fee Advisory Committee for using up to $6.38 million in student fee reserves toward the project. Bringing back the Quarry is a priority of the Campaign for UC Santa Cruz. The Quarry, which has been closed to events since 2006, served as a center of campus life since the campus was founded 50 years ago. If additional fundraising is successful, restoration work is projected to begin in 2016. Quarry tours and stories will be a highlight at the upcoming Alumni Weekend.
Learn more and see our new video.

Annais Rittenberg fund reaches endowed status
Picture of AnnaisMore than 120 donors have come together to honor the memory of Environmental Studies student Annais Rittenberg. Family, friends, faculty, staff, and Field Quarter alumni raised $90,000 to establish a scholarship for future Natural History Field Quarter students, and to create a designated gathering space at the UC Santa Cruz Farm and Garden. 
Annais, 21, was a senior working as a counselor at a children’s summer camp near Yosemite National Park when she was struck and killed in 2013 by a falling tree. Learn more 
Donors find a lot to like in UC Presidential Chairs
To give a boost to creation of endowed faculty chairs at each campus, UC President Janet Napolitano last summer announced $500,000 in matching funds for as many as eight new chairs per campus. Seizing the opportunity, donors at UC Santa Cruz have committed to chairs for the University Librarian, in Environmental Studies, and in Computer Science. Presidential chairs bring honor to the recipient and provide critical support for faculty and graduate students.The first completed UC Santa Cruz chair using the match challenge is the Symantec Presidential Chair in Storage and Security, held by professor Ethan Miller. 

Simons Foundation supports genomics research project
Picture of Boy with hoodieResearchers at the UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute have received a grant for up to $1 million from the Simons Foundation to develop a comprehensive map of human genetic variation. The Human Genome Variation Map will be a critical new resource for both medical research and basic research in the life sciences. The Simons Foundation advances research in basic science and mathematics. The one-year pilot project aims to overcome the limitations of the human reference genome in describing the important differences among individuals. Lead investigators are David Haussler and Benedict Paten, pictured.The Genomics Institute is a signature initiative of the Campaign for UC Santa Cruz. Learn more

Planned giving connects legacies to the future 

Whale Since the founding of UC Santa Cruz in 1965, many supporters have had the foresight to name the university in their estate plans. Their gifts are setting the stage for the future and have made possible legacies that include the Seymour Marine Discovery Center, scholarships for women in engineering, and an endowed faculty chair at Cowell College. In the past four years, more than $30 million in bequest intentions of every size have been promised. Bequests build a foundation for the future and allow donors to retain use of their resources during their lifetimes. Other types of legacy gifts include designating UC Santa Cruz as the beneficiary of a retirement or life insurance plan, creating a trust or annuity that provides a lifetime income and culminates in a gift, and transferring a residence while allowing the owner to continue to make it their home. At UC Santa Cruz, when donors share that they are making a planned gift, they are recognized with membership in the 21st Century Club. Learn more

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