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 Testinga FOrm a FOrm, Testinga FOrm, TestingAlumni Weekend 2017  Saturday
 TselotAbdissa Abdissa, TselotAbdissa, TselotAlumni Weekend 2017Oakesenvironmental studies2018Friday
 ZainabAbdullah Abdullah, ZainabAbdullah, ZainabAlumni Weekend 2017KresgeHistory2017Friday,Saturday,Sunday
 LorenzoAbeyta Abeyta, LorenzoAbeyta, LorenzoAlumni Weekend 2017Merrillpsychology1977Friday,Saturday,Sunday
(guest of Abeyta, Lorenzo)
Abeyta, Vickie
(guest of Abeyta, Lorenzo)
Abeyta, VickieAlumni Weekend 2017  
 JuanAboytes Aboytes, JuanAboytes, JuanAlumni Weekend 2017StevensonPsychology1972Sunday
 CharlotteAchen Achen, CharlotteAchen, CharlotteAlumni Weekend 2017College 10Sociology2015Saturday
(guest of Achen, Charlotte)
Achen, Nancy
(guest of Achen, Charlotte)
Achen, NancyAlumni Weekend 2017  
(guest of Adams, Philip)
Adams, Mary-Ellis
(guest of Adams, Philip)
Adams, Mary-EllisAlumni Weekend 2017  
 PhilipAdams Adams, PhilipAdams, PhilipAlumni Weekend 2017CowellPolitics1973Friday,Saturday,Sunday
 vernonadams adams, vernonadams, vernonAlumni Weekend 2017CowellBiology1972Friday,Saturday,Sunday
 NimaAgahAgah Agah, NimaAgah, NimaAlumni Weekend 2017CowellPhilosophy & Legal Studies2017Friday
 StephanieAguilar Corona Aguilar Corona, StephanieAguilar Corona, StephanieAlumni Weekend 2017  Friday
 JackAiello Aiello, JackAiello, JackAlumni Weekend 2017CrownComp Sci & Math1971Saturday,Sunday
(guest of Aiello, Jack)
Aiello, Nell
(guest of Aiello, Jack)
Aiello, NellAlumni Weekend 2017Crown 1971
(guest of Torney-Albert, Cristine)
Albert, Lyla
(guest of Torney-Albert, Cristine)
Albert, LylaAlumni Weekend 2017  
 AndrewAlcazar Alcazar, AndrewAlcazar, AndrewAlumni Weekend 2017Rachel Carson/College 8Mathematics2013Friday,Saturday
 DianaAlfaro Alfaro, DianaAlfaro, DianaAlumni Weekend 2017College 10Politics/LALS2011Friday,Saturday,Sunday
 DaniBoegerAllen Allen (Boeger), DaniAllen (Boeger), DaniAlumni Weekend 2017Kresge  Saturday
 AmyAllenAllen Allen, AmyAllen, AmyAlumni Weekend 2017Porter/College 5ArtOaklandSaturday
(guest of Ramirez, Elisa)
Alvarez, Edgar
(guest of Ramirez, Elisa)
Alvarez, EdgarAlumni Weekend 2017  
 MireyaAmador Amador, MireyaAmador, MireyaAlumni Weekend 2017Merrill 2005Saturday
 SarahAmador Amador, SarahAmador, SarahAlumni Weekend 2017StevensonLiterature2005Friday,Saturday,Sunday
 MayeliAmezcua Amezcua, MayeliAmezcua, MayeliAlumni Weekend 2017Merrill 2006Saturday,Sunday
 MichaelAmster Amster, MichaelAmster, MichaelAlumni Weekend 2017College 9History2015Saturday
 KarynKaryn SaponAnderson Anderson (Karyn Sapon), KarynAnderson (Karyn Sapon), KarynAlumni Weekend 2017StevensonHistory1982Saturday,Sunday
(guest of Anderson, Karyn)
Anderson, Britt
(guest of Anderson, Karyn)
Anderson, BrittAlumni Weekend 2017StevensonEconomics & History1983
(guest of Wilson, Michael)
Anderson, Rachel
(guest of Wilson, Michael)
Anderson, RachelAlumni Weekend 2017  
(guest of Othon, Adrienne)
Apostol, Ashley
(guest of Othon, Adrienne)
Apostol, AshleyAlumni Weekend 2017  
(guest of Othon, Adrienne)
Apostol, Diana
(guest of Othon, Adrienne)
Apostol, DianaAlumni Weekend 2017  
(guest of Othon, Adrienne)
Apostol, George
(guest of Othon, Adrienne)
Apostol, GeorgeAlumni Weekend 2017  
(guest of Aragon, Emiliano)
Aragon, Axel
(guest of Aragon, Emiliano)
Aragon, AxelAlumni Weekend 2017  
 EmilianoAragon Aragon, EmilianoAragon, EmilianoAlumni Weekend 2017CowellSociology1997Saturday,Sunday
(guest of Aragon, Emiliano)
Aragon, Laura
(guest of Aragon, Emiliano)
Aragon, LauraAlumni Weekend 2017  
 BrianArao Arao, BrianArao, BrianAlumni Weekend 2017Oakes 2000Saturday
(guest of Arighi, Michael)
Arighi, Margaret
(guest of Arighi, Michael)
Arighi, MargaretAlumni Weekend 2017  
 MichaelArighi Arighi, MichaelArighi, MichaelAlumni Weekend 2017CowellArea Studies: Latin America/Govt1969Friday,Saturday,Sunday
(guest of Zwart, Frank)
Armstrong-Zwart, Julia
(guest of Zwart, Frank)
Armstrong-Zwart, JuliaAlumni Weekend 2017N/AN/AN/A
 JeffArnett Arnett, JeffArnett, JeffAlumni Weekend 2017MerrillArt1972Saturday
 HudsonArnold Arnold, HudsonArnold, HudsonAlumni Weekend 2017  Saturday
 CarmenArrambide Arrambide, CarmenArrambide, CarmenAlumni Weekend 2017Porter/College 5Art2011Friday,Saturday,Sunday
 OliviaArstein-kerslake Arstein-kerslake, OliviaArstein-kerslake, OliviaAlumni Weekend 2017Porter/College 5 2016Friday,Saturday,Sunday
 AndreaAndersonAsaro Asaro (Anderson), AndreaAsaro (Anderson), AndreaAlumni Weekend 2017CrownPolitics1972Friday,Saturday,Sunday
 AnthonyassiAssi Assi (assi), AnthonyAssi (assi), AnthonyAlumni Weekend 2017Porter/College 5Computer Science2016Friday,Saturday,Sunday
(guest of Harmo, Kevin)
Attard, Anthony
(guest of Harmo, Kevin)
Attard, AnthonyAlumni Weekend 2017  
 AlexandraAu Au, AlexandraAu, AlexandraAlumni Weekend 2017CowellLiterature2000Saturday
 AlexandraAuAu Au, AlexandraAu, AlexandraAlumni Weekend 2017Cowell  Saturday
 RaymondAustin Austin, RaymondAustin, RaymondAlumni Weekend 2017OakesSociology2007Friday,Saturday,Sunday
 AilineAvila Avila, AilineAvila, AilineAlumni Weekend 2017KresgeLiterature2013Saturday
(guest of Cuevas, Maximiliano)
Avila, Rosalina
(guest of Cuevas, Maximiliano)
Avila, RosalinaAlumni Weekend 2017  

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